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The Rundown Free Download HD 720p

The Rundown    

PG-13 1h 44min ActionAdventureComedyEnglish MoviesOld MoviesThriller

IMDB: 6.7/10 99,298 votes

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The Rundown Free Download HD 720p Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) is a “recovery master”, an abundance tracker who gathers obligations for a man named Billy Walker (William Lucking). He is dispatched to a dance club to recover a title ring from a football player, and in the wake of doing so is attacked by one of Walker’s different gatherers. Irate, he faces Walker and discloses to him that he looks for from the business. Walker talks him into one final abundance – recover Walker’s child Travis (Seann William Scott) from a little mining town in Brazil and Walker will give him enough cash to open his own eatery. Beck acknowledges and leaves for Brazil. At the point when Beck shows up in the town of El Dorado he meets with the man running the mining activity, Cornelius Hatcher (Christopher Walken). Hatcher gives Beck his approval to snatch Travis, yet reneges when he discovers that Travis has found a missing brilliant ancient rarity called “O Gato do Diabo” (The Devil’s Cat). Beck stands up to Hatcher and his men in the neighborhood bar and leaves with Travis. In transit back to the landing strip, Travis powers their Jeep off the street and into the wilderness. There he attempts to get away yet is re-caught by Beck. After an awful experience with some nearby monkeys, the two end up in the camp of the neighborhood obstruction development.WIKI

At the obstruction camp, Travis persuades the revolutionaries that Beck works for Hatcher and was sent to murder them all. After a drawn out battle, Beck picks up the advantage before the renegade chief Mariana (Rosario Dawson) mediates. She needs Travis, as the Gato can be utilized to guarantee local people can liberate themselves from Hatcher. Hatcher out of nowhere assaults the camp, murdering numerous dissidents. Beck, Travis, and Mariana get away from the camp and Beck makes Mariana an arrangement: she causes him get Travis to the landing strip in return for the Gato. After some looking, Travis drives them to a cavern behind a cascade where the Gato is found. They recover it and start the excursion back.In transit back, Mariana rebukes Travis for needing to sell the curio, however Travis contends that he really wanted to offer it to a historical center. Mariana gives the two men Konlobos, a poisonous organic product that briefly incapacitates the eater. As she discloses to Beck which heading the landing strip is, she leaves them with the fire to ward the creatures off. Subsequent to awakening ready to move, Beck pulls Travis to the runway. The neighborhood pilot, Declan (Ewen Bremner), discloses to Beck that Mariana was caught before by Hatcher and will presumably be executed. Travis begs Beck to help, and the two head into town to protect her. IMDB

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The Rundown Free Download HD 720p

The Rundown Free Download HD 720p
The Rundown Free Download HD 720p
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